Panel Discussion on Static Typing

Panel Discussion on Static Typing
PyBay 2017
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The description of the panel discussion:

Python added support for annotation as part of function definitions with PEP 3107. PEP 484 later provided a standard syntax for type annotations, bringing static analysis, runtime type checking, and faster refactoring to Python. Since Python is a dynamic programming language, type hints don’t have any influence at runtime, but they allow certain tools to save time with fewer bugs. For example, IDEs such as PyCharm are able to perform safer refactoring, and static analysis tools such as Mypy can perform further type checks during build phases.

We’ll be making this panel discussion accessible to everyone, so expect the panel to start with an introduction to static typing and then go deeper into best practices, support, and experience from open source project maintainers and companies. Since this feature has been a topic of substantial debate in the community, we’ll be discussing not only the pros but also the cons of this feature. Indeed, there are situations where type hinting may do more harm than good, and our panelists will be sharing with us their words of advice on this topic.

Type hints are one of the new additions to the Python syntax may drastically increase the speed at which you program. Beginners will learn more about where the language development is heading. Open source project maintainers and contributors will learn the tooling, support, and best “getting started” advice from our expert panelists.